Why should I get my pets professionally photographed?

Our pets are in our lives for only a short while, but they take up such a huge place in our hearts. You won’t regret having something to look upon your time together and remind you of the love you shared.
You will have your memories be captured for a lifetime.

How do I prepare for a session?

Upon booking we will have our pre-shoot consultation so you can tell me all about your pets and to talk about what you would like to get from your session. If your pet is usually groomed, you may want to get them groomed before the shoot, otherwise a quick brush beforehand should suffice.
Not much preparation is necessary on the day, although very hyper pets can benefit from a bit of excercise prior to getting their close ups. Treats are usually used, so you might want to feed your pet a little less than usual to maintain an appetite during the shoot.

My dog isn’t very well behaved, does it matter?

Not at all. I’ve lived & worked with dogs all my life, I’ve great experience with every kind of personality imaginable. Believe me, I’ve met them all!
While some obedience is always a help, it isn’t necessary. Not everyone can sit, stay & rollover on command. It may take some extra patience, a few extra treats and a little more playtime beforehand but it’s always fun and we always get there in the end. These aren’t formal, timed sessions and even the maddest dogs will eventually wear themselves out and sit or lie down on their own, and I’ll be ready to photograph them.

My cat isn’t very well behaved, does it matter?

Show me a cat that is! Cat’s won’t care about my schedule, they only care about their own schedule so the only way to get a decent photo of them is to wait until they’re good and ready to accommodate me. They won’t wait around for me to get a decent shot either and they definately won’t repeat any behavior just for my benefit so it’s down to me to be ready, willing & able to work when they are ready for their closeup!

My dog is very nervous, will this be a problem?

Not a problem and one of the reasons I photograph dogs in their own comfortable surroundings & not in what can be an strange, unfamiliar studio. I’m just an extra person on your walk or playing in your back garden.I’ve worked with many abused rescue dogs, fear-biters, extremely nervous dogs and shy dogs alike. Along with my rescue work, I’ve four rescue dogs of my own with varying degrees of issues so I can relate to how you will be feeling. Patience is the key and there will never be any pressure put on your dog.
We can sit on the ground together, sniff the camera, discuss the world and get to know each other first.
I will have a pre-shoot consultation with you first so we can work out any triggers or dislikes that might cause them to become tense or nervous.
Together we can be sure it will be a calm, happy, stress free time for both you and your dog.

Can I be in the photos too?

Absolutely! I love capturing the special bond between pet and owner. If you and your family would like to be in the photos with your pets, please let me know when you are making your booking. Please remember that I’m petography, not humanography, therefore the focus will always be on your pets.
If you are looking for someone to take family photos including your pet, please let me know and I can recommend someone to you.

What if it rains on the day?

One thing we have no control over is the weather! I will be following the forecasts for a few days before we are scheduled to shoot, so if there is a strong chance of rain, I’ll contact you and discuss if you want to postpone it to a sunnier date.
If the forecast gets it wrong and it rains on the day, we can reschedule.

My pet is very ill, can you photograph them very soon?

Definately. Senior pets and cases of ill health will always be made my top priority. A larger than I’d like part of my work is photographing beloved pets in their twilight times. I’ve lost some of my own pets and I really cherish the photos I have of them. If needs be, I will try my absolute best to drop everything and be there for you and your pet no matter what.

Any other questions?

Email me tracey@petography.ie or call me (087) 8173510 and I will go through any other questions you have.